Here at Consummate K-9 Training our goal is to create a bond, trust, and confidence between the dog and their human. 


With over 26 years of experience of working with canines and humans in all imaginiable fields we can help you with raising a sound and confident companion, basic and off leash obedience training, tracking and trailing, detection, service work, serious aggression issues, housebreaking, addressing problem behaviors such as digging, killing livestock, mouthing, destructive chewing, jumping, barking, cat aggression, dog aggression, human aggression, and rattlesnake avoidance training.

Our programs are tailored to your dog as an individual.  Because there are no two dogs alike, we do not train them all alike.  We have a beautiful 1,500 sq. ft. indoor facility, 5 acres of training field, we also have farm animals (chickens, goats, donkey, bull, and cats) to use as distractions for our 'real world' training techniques.  

We are now serving the Austin Metro area, Lockhart, Luling, Cedar Creek, Smithville, Seguin, Bastrop, Gonzales, Kyle, San Marcos, Red Rock, and surrounding areas.  

Consummate K-9 Training has worked with all dogs, all shapes, sizes, breeds, ages, and temperaments for over 25 years. Here we are working with Sebastian, a Great Pyrenese, on severe food aggression and dominance issues.