Basic Obedience

Are you tired of behavioral problems with your family pet? Jumping, running off, excessive barking, nipping, attention seeking behaviors, a little out of control, and generally not listening when you need him/her to? Do your friends not want to visit because of Fido’s behavior? We can help you resolve those "bad dog" issues.  

You really can change your dog into an exceptional companion. Your dog should not be a hassle, but a trustworthy, obedient and enjoyable companion.This is done with a number of training techniques best suited for you and your dog. With decades of experience dealing with all breeds and size dogs, we can help you!

Obedience training accomplishes a number of things. First and foremost, it establishes the proper relationship between you and your dog. Dogs are social pack animals and need to know where they fit in. If you have a submissive, shy dog, obedience will help to build their confidence and social skills. If you have a dominant, headstrong dog, obedience will help you to establish leadership. This can prevent, control, and often eliminate aggression in a dog with a strong temperament.

Obedience training will make your dog easily controllable and a well mannered member of the family, as well as eliminate the problem behaviors often seen in adult dogs.

Many of the common problems you may be having with your dog can be quickly solved through obedience training. A great deal of dog problems are inadvertently caused by their owners and the dog's environment. We have found that training you is just as important as training your dog.  

All of our programs are offered on a weekly basis at our training facility. We have evening and weekend classes, so you are sure to find a program that will fit your schedule. We even encourage you to change your class day and time if possible so that you have the opportunity to work with different people and different dogs.

5 week course - $350.00 This course is designed to teach your dog self control and all the basic commands so you can maintain control under distracting conditions. We offer open enrollment throughout the year. 

Evaluation/consultation is required for this program.  The evaluation is initially $55.00 but is included in the program and will be deducted from the program fee ($350.00). The evaluation process takes about 45 minutes to one hour and is conducted at the training facility.  

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