Consummate K-9 Dogs

Lucas, 13-year-old GSD and retired Search and Rescue dog.

Lucinda, 8-year-old Belgian Malinois breeding bitch and obedience/protection demonstration dog.

Izzy, 6-year-old Pit bull/Greyhound -she is in every puppy class to teach the little ones manners with adult dogs, she also helps with evaluating clients dogs to see how they will react with strange dogs.

Bowie, 2 yr. old mix - Bowie is our latest canine staff member.  Adopted out of Bastrop Animal Rescue, due to his neutral behavior and predictability, he is used to test dogs coming into our training programs to assess their true intentions when interacting with other dogs. He is also used in our puppy classes. 







K-9 Cats

Nixon, Barney and Shawnee, are our feline staff. 

They help us evaluate dogs to see if they will tolerate cats.

We also use the cats to educate owners on how to best train their dog not to harass family cats.