Kathy and John Burleson with Beckett

John and I (Kathy) have just finished a six week training class with Lisa and Dave with our one and a half year Lab, Beckett. She was out of control when we took her to them.. Pulling so hard we could not walk her and not basic obedience trained. We could not be happier with our experience. She is a different dog and now one we can really enjoy! I cannot recommend them more.. they are professionals and good friends after this experience.

Rindy Fox and Abraham

I have wanted to write this email for a few days and I am grateful that I waited until today.
Abraham recently just "got it".  He is just the perfect gentleman on the leash. 
I put all his garb on but it almost like it is just for show.  When it is on, he knows I am serious but I am not having to use anything but my voice.  He still has little tiny moments where I can see him contemplating doing something naughty but it as if he is deciding the alternative is way better. 
So, today we had the ultimate test of control.  We had workmen in and out all day doing a variety of things all over the house.  I put Abraham and our other Dane, Aya in the studio behind our house after 3 mile walks apiece.  The workmen were going in and out of the yard and house at will while I worked in my office.
Then David came home.  I explained to him what was going on.  He had a lapse in memory and turned the two out in the yard while the workmen were gone only to have them walk back in the yard thinking the dogs were up.  The music was loud in the studio and David heard nothing. 
Luckily, I heard the first noise and ran out into the yard.  Abraham was going after one of the guys, within feet of him and I just yelled "leave it" and he totally backed down and ran to me for pets.  (Aya just left it because she really wasn't in the game to begin with.)  The two workmen were floored and so grateful.  Both of them were dog experienced people but Abrahan definitely scared them.  He looked so serious!    
This will sound so corny but I just want to tell you guys thank you so much for allowing us to have such a magnificent beast, in peace.

Douglas Johnson & Gabe (Cujo)

      November 16, 2012

Approximately 6 months ago, my 1-year old German Shepherd puppy morphed from a delightful, eager, young puppy into a modern-day version of Cujo with aggressive behavior which culminated in a mauling of my granddaughter.  That precipitated considerations for euthanasia or perhaps giving up the dog to a police canine corps.  As neither of these options were attractive to me, I persued the assistance of Mr. David Balmat and Lisa Russell at Consummate K-9 Training. 

That has proved to be a prescient decision in that my dog, Gabe, has now returned from an aggressive, dangerous animal to a fairly calm and manageable 2-year old German Shepherd.  I cannot say enough about the skill and insight which I have gained in the management of what was a very aggressive, dominant dog.  The insight into the mechanism of the problem given to me was exemplary, and the support structure at the training camp was excellant.  I would recommend anyone with an eye to better handling of their dog and particularly to dogs which are "problem animals" to the expertise of Mr. Balmat and/or Lisa Russell. 


Douglas E. Johnson, M.D.

Daryl, Alicia Levan -Abby

I would like to thank you again for all that you have done to train Abby, Daryl, and I.  Yes, I meant you trained us as well.  Abby is our first dog together and my first dog I have had from an 8 week old puppy. I never fully realized what a holy terror that adorable puppy would become.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have a dog that I can trust off leash but thanks to you I do.  Just this past weekend Daryl and I took Abby for a long walk on a rail trail and when we left her off leash she would stay right with us and would never get too far ahead or behind.  On our walk we passed a few homes with dogs outside that were fenced in and barking like crazy at us.  Abby looked at them but never tried to go to them and stayed right with us.  Before Abby, I would see people with amazing dogs that would walk off leash at parks and trails and it always amazed me that a dog could be trained that well.  I would often ask them how they did it and now I know it is from amazing trainers like you.     

Abby already misses you like crazy! It is hard for me to leave my house on a Saturday without her going nuts thinking we are going to training.  We are trying to exhaust her other ways but it's still not the same as coming and seeing her "Uncle" Dave, "Aunt" Lisa, Izzy, and her other friends.

We had a great Christmas and Santa Paws brought Abby lots of toys that due to her love of chewings are already in the garbage or broken.  She enjoyed opening her gifts and easily got the hang of it.  We hope you had a great holiday as well.  We wish you a safe trip and please remember to keep in touch through Facebook.  Although we joke that we wish you would stay we hope you enjoy yourselves and if your path leads back to PA please remember us and we will see you that Saturday!

Thank you again!

Daryl, Alicia, and Abby Levan

Sgt. Jack Fliter and Gunner

I have been involved in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years. I have been involved with Police k-9’s since 1988, when I got my first working dog.  During my career, I worked three dogs on the street, two patrol dogs, and one patrol/explosives dog.  I also trained dozens of patrol, narcotics, and explosives dogs, and was a trainer with the PPWDA. I met Dave probably 15-20 years ago, when he joined our Schutzhund club.  As it is with busy careers and lifestyles, we lost track over the years, and had not seen each other for several years.  I was planning to retire from law enforcement in Apr. 2010, and I started looking for a new pup, as my retired k-9 was now 11 years old.  I put the word out to my other k-9 friends that I was looking for a new pup, and if they had any leads on anyone with good working lines with litters due, to let me know.  I had always had German Shepherd Dogs.  I had trained several Malinois, but never owned one.  I knew the drive and temperament of the breed.  But actually OWNING one, well I don’t know.  Anyway, this k-9 officer friend tells me about this breeder who has these dynamite Malinois, and has a litter due any time.  I find out this breeder is none other than Dave Balmat, my old acquaintance from years before.  I knew Dave, and knew he always was a very responsible dog person, more concerned with the breed and the dog, than in trying to become a millionaire by selling a bill of goods to someone and calling it a k-9.  I knew he was a very serious trainer and handler.  So, needless to say, I did not hesitate to contact Dave.  After the old long time, no see, how have things been, and exchanging some war stories from over the years, Dave told me about the litter he had, which was now only a few days old.  

Dave sent me the pedigrees on Doden and Lucy, the sire and dam, and about a dozen or so photos.  Seeing what I did, I was already convinced of the genetic quality of the pups.  But a MALINOIS???  I never had a Malinois.  Do I really want to do this?  I mean, I AM retiring.  I’m supposed to relax.  Any of you who are familiar with the breed, know there is very little relaxing with a Malinois, especially one from strong working lines.  Dave kept me updated almost daily on the pups, sending me photos, and notes on the progress on each pup. He knew exactly what I was looking for, and how much dog would be enough, but not over the top.  Now I have been around dogs, and kennels, and breeders for many years.  I have seen some really great breeders, and I have seen some pretty unscrupulous breeders.  Dave was definitely a very responsible breeder.  What impressed me the most, was the amount of care and time he had invested in the litter.  He could tell me which pup opened his eyes first, which pup walked first, and as they got older, which pup was the dominant, which pup was the best eater, etc.  As the pups got to be a few weeks old, Dave would be constantly stimulating the pups, socializing them around loud sounds, different floor surfaces, etc.  At about 6 weeks of age, he would load them into a wagon, and take them for “rides” around the kennel.  Needless to say, when I went to look at the pups at about that time, these were some very well adjusted, well socialized, and secure pups.  Very stable temperament, very social.  And looking at the pups myself, Dave was right on the money in his evaluations.  We selected the pup we were interested in, and the rest, as they say, is history.  We brought our pup home when he was eight weeks old, and now “Gunnar” is my retired k-9 partners best buddy.  Gunnar just turned a year old on 11 Feb. 2011, and I can say, it has been a pleasure.  I continued socializing the pup from the time he came home, and he faced any new challenges like a champ.  His temperament is outstanding, his overall health is excellent, very social, and very secure in his surroundings.  I did some puppy tracks with him before the winter set in, and he took to it immediately.  Now, I am seriously considering working with Dave and training “Gunnar” as a HRD (human remains detection) dog.  Training will be starting soon.  Just can’t keep a good dog down. So much for retirement……..

Sgt. Jack Fliter  (Retired ?)
City of Bethlehem Police Dept.

Bethlehem, Pa.

Charles Wrenn and Alexander

I wanted to update you on Alexander (Xander) and how's things are going.  So far we have completed the Schutzhund BH and the Schutzhund 1 with a score of 88 in protection.  Xander also received a score of 88 in tracking in conditions that were less than desirable.  Xander will turn 3 this July and so far I'm completely happy with Xander.  He gives me everything he's got on the field and displays a toughness while working with the decoy.  His nerve is very solid and steady for any dog and exceptional for the breed.  He's pretty much the same confident and cocky dog today as he was at 8 weeks old.  I will continue to update you in the future as we progress and title.

Thanks for the breeding,

Charles Wrenn

Bill Thek and Bannon

Well Bannon is now one years old.  He has done so much in his short life so far.  He has completed Puppy kindergarten and continues to train with you and the other trainers at Consummate K9 with his obedience. Bannon's confidence is unreal.  He has absolutely no problem with any social encounters with humans or other animals. His desire to please is amazing.  I believe this desire to please is what makes him so trainable. Bannon seems to pick things up so quickly.  When I'm with friends and there dogs it seems that I have an unfair advantage with Bannon.  I can't stress enough how quick this breed learns. I would recommend this line of dogs to anyone who is looking for a great companion or working dog.  There is so much potential for this line of malinois. 


Bill Thek 

Jeffrey Sutton and Athena

February 14, 2011

In 2010 I began the search for a K-9 that would be able to be utilized as a multi-use K-9. K-9 Athena was introduced to me at a mere age of one. Dave told me he had begun her training when she was only weeks old and she was a well disciplined, well mannered dog. I never heard of a Belgium Malinois and when I first saw Athena I was very impressed. Dave from Consummate K-9 brought her out from the kennel area and she just followed him like a well trained K-9 should. Dave, with his soft controlling voice gave Athena numerous commands to which she followed to the exact expected response. 

Dave Balmat, Owner of Consummate K-9, took plenty of time in introducing Athena to me and having her get used to me before I was allowed to take her home. Prior to leaving Consummate K-9 the first time Dave walked me through many of the commands he taught Athena and worked with me on how to handle her. This was before any purchase took place and was just out of the kindness of Dave and his desire to make sure the handler and K-9 fit each other. Dave really takes personal pride in making sure his Belguim Malinois are well mannered and will be treated correctly. 

When I took Athena home she acted no different than when she was with Dave. She followed all commands and responded well with me in control. Athena began a vigorous training schedule for narcotics detection. She just gets so excited every time you ask her if she wants to work and she never gives up. I feel this attitude is because Consummate K-9 owner, Dave Balmat takes so much pride in his dogs and starts working with them within weeks of birth.  

Athena was introduced to human tracking at only 7 weeks old and even though she is not used in Law Enforcement anymore she still loves to track and we continue a strong work ethic on tracking training. She will be used for volunteer work where ever she is needed and Dave continues his dedication to training and excellence in working with us to achieve this goal.

Dave Balmat and Consummate K-9 are a true asset to the K-9 community and his ability to handle and raise Belguim Malinois is far ahead of many other trainers and breeders.  The staff and others at Consummate K-9 are always willing to help and always place to needs of the clients as a first priority.  

Jeffrey R. Sutton
Catawissa, PA 17820

David Mustain and Lindy

We know for a fact how much care and devotion these puppies received from the time they were born. Friends and family took turns being present near the whelping room 24 hours a day. Making sure all was well, and more importantly, being present during the early stages of socialization with the humans who will make up the greater parts of their lives in the family pack. Also good to mention is the stock or pedigree that these fine dogs are bred from. A long list of working dogs on both the sire and mother’s family tree. All highly titled and accomplished dogs from Europe. Our puppy, Lindy, is now just over a year old. She has an excellent temperament and personality. Strong nerves and extremely intelligent. We started her obedience at 8 weeks.

David and LindyShe’s a quick learner and loves to run and play. She is now enrolled in a world renowned canine academy with myself as well. She will soon be a certified bed bug dog. We are also training her for personal protection, tracking / trailing in our courses. She is a natural at detection as well as searching for articles and hidden people in many unfamiliar environments. Prior to our professional courses in detection and protection, we have attended a few local courses in Mondio ring sport. Practicing a few of the exercises  such as leaping the 3 meter hurdle and scaling the 9 ft.  “Palisade” or sheer wooden wall of which she succeeded 7 ft. of this paliside in one quick lesson. Lindy is a true joy in our family. She has a sweet and loving personality and gets along very well with our 2 much older dogs, our 3 cats and even the chickens as well as with other strange dogs and people. We personally could not ask for a greater friend and companion than our darling Lindy.


David Mustain 

Ms. Daisy has a new LEASH ON LIFE.

Fri, Apr 23, 2010
A special thanks to Dave for coming over on Monday and evaluating Ms. Daisy i am doing as you told me  i am no longer fearful of entering the kennel or hooking her to the collar. We walk over 2 miles per day. Ms. Daisy is getting friendlier and wants to play on May the 3rd she is getting spayed and I like to bring her up for  some socialization.
To back track I called over a week and a half ago about Daisy she was adopted and returned back to rescue and she was very undersocialized and 3 times she tried to bite me. But thanks to Dave's pep talk I am very confident and Ms. Daisy has a new LEASH ON LIFE...
Gloria Scheetz

With your help, Holly passed her CGC test when she was 9 months old.

Dave, Brett, Kate, and Vanessa,

Thank you so much for all of your assistance and guidance in helping us to train Holly, our little Twinkie with legs!  We’ve had other dogs, but Holly was our first puppy.  We wanted to be sure that she was properly socialized and wanted a well rounded dog to enjoy for many years to come.  With your help, Holly passed her CGC test when she was 9 months old.  Her next challenge was to prepare to pass the Therapy Dog Certification.  Holly, more commonly known as Piggy Butt, was very food-challenged.  Getting her to ‘leave it’ was trying… to say the least.  But, with your help, she got to the point where she’d successfully leave treats.  Kate and Vanessa, you were great at challenging her with treats!  I’m proud to say that Holly (Piggy) successfully passed her TDI test in April… at only 15 months old.  We’re so proud of her.  Thanks again for helping us get to this point. We couldn’t have done it without your help and guidance.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Crystal and Will Davis
Allentown, PA

Shelter Pit Bull To Service Dog Achived "Good Citizens Award"

From: F Curvey <fbcXXXX@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:34 AM
Subject: Molee with her new harness
To: kate@consummatek-9training.com

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to show off Molee with her new harness.  She is working great with it, what a difference. 
"Molee" with her Service Dog Harness.It is now a year since we got Molee from the shelter. It is hard to believe she is the same dog that almost tore down your door to get at the other dogs the first time we met. She had few, if any manners, and a Pit Bull attitude.  Today she has earned her "Good Citizens Award" and serves as my service dog.  The Grand Kids love her as well and she loves playing with them. Her favorite time still is free time chasing her balls.  I would truly be lost without Molee.  I thank you all so much for making this possible.  I am so proud of her and tell everyone that I meet about the great job you all did and how she demonstrates what a Pit Bull, with PROPER training can be.  It is amazing the change in Molee's attitude and temperament when I put her work harness on her. She becomes totally focused and doesn't leave my side and is learning well not to try and rush ahead of me.  If I fall she is immediately at my side to help me get up. I have even taken her into my Son's home, with his dog Gus there, and she will sit at my side without becoming aggressive towards Gus.  If I need to correct her it is with a casual "at" and she becomes totally submissive.  Unbelievable!!!!!!  A year ago you couldn't have Gus anywhere near her in fear of problems.
As you can tell I could go on and on about Molee and how proud I am of her and again I can't thank you enough.  Molee and I look forward to warmer weather and coming to classes again.  The cold weather is hard on me with my heart but warmer days are near.
Please feel free to share this with others. Molee and I will see you March 20th weather permitting.
Fred & Molee
The Curvey's

 Thank you for all of your dedication in teaching us to be great parents for our dog, Hoops! When we first rescued our puppy, we wanted to get off to a good start, so we contacted Dave, at Consummate K9 to enroll in puppy class. He talked to us as if we were old friends, and invited us to the very next class.
 Being a first time dog owner, I was very nervous, but Brett put me at ease right away! He makes a conscious effort to know each dog by name, and makes a personal connection with each and every client.
 Trainers Kate and Vanessa at Consummate make the commands feel natural and foster confidence in the dogs’ owners. Thanks to the staff, we have learned that Hoops desires structure and routine. We have a dog that is a happy member of the family who really aims to please.
 We are currently in our second year of off –leash training, and are so confident in our training that we had no reservations when bringing our new baby daughter home. Hoops welcomed her with licks and love!
 Thank you all, once again, for your commitment to proper dog training and your enthusiasm for the education of their owners.

Deanna and BJ Dugan