Daryl, Alicia Levan -Abby

I would like to thank you again for all that you have done to train Abby, Daryl, and I.  Yes, I meant you trained us as well.  Abby is our first dog together and my first dog I have had from an 8 week old puppy. I never fully realized what a holy terror that adorable puppy would become.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have a dog that I can trust off leash but thanks to you I do.  Just this past weekend Daryl and I took Abby for a long walk on a rail trail and when we left her off leash she would stay right with us and would never get too far ahead or behind.  On our walk we passed a few homes with dogs outside that were fenced in and barking like crazy at us.  Abby looked at them but never tried to go to them and stayed right with us.  Before Abby, I would see people with amazing dogs that would walk off leash at parks and trails and it always amazed me that a dog could be trained that well.  I would often ask them how they did it and now I know it is from amazing trainers like you.     

Abby already misses you like crazy! It is hard for me to leave my house on a Saturday without her going nuts thinking we are going to training.  We are trying to exhaust her other ways but it's still not the same as coming and seeing her "Uncle" Dave, "Aunt" Lisa, Izzy, and her other friends.

We had a great Christmas and Santa Paws brought Abby lots of toys that due to her love of chewings are already in the garbage or broken.  She enjoyed opening her gifts and easily got the hang of it.  We hope you had a great holiday as well.  We wish you a safe trip and please remember to keep in touch through Facebook.  Although we joke that we wish you would stay we hope you enjoy yourselves and if your path leads back to PA please remember us and we will see you that Saturday!

Thank you again!

Daryl, Alicia, and Abby Levan