Dear Dave,
Just want to thank you for all you did for us with Stony. For as much as we love him we were getting rather disgusted with him for taking off on us, and we'd have to go after him and he wouldn't come to us. With Stoney, your knowledge and know-how showed us the way to work with him and we accomplished by the time he was 8 months old what took a couple of years to do with our other dog, Yeller. It's a pleasure to go outside with him and have us in command of him, instead of him in command of us. You gave us our life back and made it easier and more enjoyable for him and us! If we ever get another dog we wouldn't hesitate to bring him to you. Your evaluation of Stoney was correct and showed us the areas we needed to work on to make him the dog he is today! Thank you again for all your help and making it so very easy for a dog that listens so well.

Dave & Gail Frederickson