Douglas Johnson & Gabe (Cujo)

      November 16, 2012

Approximately 6 months ago, my 1-year old German Shepherd puppy morphed from a delightful, eager, young puppy into a modern-day version of Cujo with aggressive behavior which culminated in a mauling of my granddaughter.  That precipitated considerations for euthanasia or perhaps giving up the dog to a police canine corps.  As neither of these options were attractive to me, I persued the assistance of Mr. David Balmat and Lisa Russell at Consummate K-9 Training. 

That has proved to be a prescient decision in that my dog, Gabe, has now returned from an aggressive, dangerous animal to a fairly calm and manageable 2-year old German Shepherd.  I cannot say enough about the skill and insight which I have gained in the management of what was a very aggressive, dominant dog.  The insight into the mechanism of the problem given to me was exemplary, and the support structure at the training camp was excellant.  I would recommend anyone with an eye to better handling of their dog and particularly to dogs which are "problem animals" to the expertise of Mr. Balmat and/or Lisa Russell. 


Douglas E. Johnson, M.D.