Hi Dave - We couldn't be happier with the training we received with you. I doubt Schultz would have ever gotten off leash if not for you. It’s great to take him hiking or just playing in the backyard with the family. We know his hunting instincts are dominant. Yet with the training we received from you, Schultz is becoming a wonderful family dog. Even his house manners have improved. We have a friend who has a strong fear of dogs. She is able to pet and socialize with Schultz because we’ve been able to control his jumping. He never jumps on anyone. We don’t know where Schultz and our family would be without his training. I’m sure his life is more enjoyable because of it. We enjoy him to the max. We would also like to add that we found your facility clean and well kept. Your property is nicely situated on a wooded lot away from highway traffic. We were also impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of dogs. We have highly recommended you to several people.
Sandy, Bill Kris and Lora Derbyshire
Walnutport, PA