Hi Dave!
I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me and those two crazy siberian huskies. It looks like I'll be fostering Sasha starting this weekend if that is the choice her owner makes. I think a new environment will make her successful. She responded so well to you compared to Jessica that I'm convinced she is a product of her environment. I think I can help her and I won't hesitate to visit you for guidance if she needs it. Smokey, well it breaks my heart but he has been re-posted and will be an only dog. He is just so bonded to be with other dogs and looks to them for guidance. When we walk he is always wanting to walk right with them. If I go a different way he stops and looks for them the whole time. I have to pull him to finish the walk. But, he'll adjust to being an only dog if they spend time with him and play with him. Anyway, thanks again for your time and I apologize if we made you late for your search and rescue at Blue Mountain. I do really appreciate your help and knowledge.
Susan Smith