Rindy Fox and Abraham

I have wanted to write this email for a few days and I am grateful that I waited until today.
Abraham recently just "got it".  He is just the perfect gentleman on the leash. 
I put all his garb on but it almost like it is just for show.  When it is on, he knows I am serious but I am not having to use anything but my voice.  He still has little tiny moments where I can see him contemplating doing something naughty but it as if he is deciding the alternative is way better. 
So, today we had the ultimate test of control.  We had workmen in and out all day doing a variety of things all over the house.  I put Abraham and our other Dane, Aya in the studio behind our house after 3 mile walks apiece.  The workmen were going in and out of the yard and house at will while I worked in my office.
Then David came home.  I explained to him what was going on.  He had a lapse in memory and turned the two out in the yard while the workmen were gone only to have them walk back in the yard thinking the dogs were up.  The music was loud in the studio and David heard nothing. 
Luckily, I heard the first noise and ran out into the yard.  Abraham was going after one of the guys, within feet of him and I just yelled "leave it" and he totally backed down and ran to me for pets.  (Aya just left it because she really wasn't in the game to begin with.)  The two workmen were floored and so grateful.  Both of them were dog experienced people but Abrahan definitely scared them.  He looked so serious!    
This will sound so corny but I just want to tell you guys thank you so much for allowing us to have such a magnificent beast, in peace.