Shelter Pit Bull To Service Dog Achived "Good Citizens Award"

From: F Curvey <>
Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:34 AM
Subject: Molee with her new harness

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to show off Molee with her new harness.  She is working great with it, what a difference. 
"Molee" with her Service Dog Harness.It is now a year since we got Molee from the shelter. It is hard to believe she is the same dog that almost tore down your door to get at the other dogs the first time we met. She had few, if any manners, and a Pit Bull attitude.  Today she has earned her "Good Citizens Award" and serves as my service dog.  The Grand Kids love her as well and she loves playing with them. Her favorite time still is free time chasing her balls.  I would truly be lost without Molee.  I thank you all so much for making this possible.  I am so proud of her and tell everyone that I meet about the great job you all did and how she demonstrates what a Pit Bull, with PROPER training can be.  It is amazing the change in Molee's attitude and temperament when I put her work harness on her. She becomes totally focused and doesn't leave my side and is learning well not to try and rush ahead of me.  If I fall she is immediately at my side to help me get up. I have even taken her into my Son's home, with his dog Gus there, and she will sit at my side without becoming aggressive towards Gus.  If I need to correct her it is with a casual "at" and she becomes totally submissive.  Unbelievable!!!!!!  A year ago you couldn't have Gus anywhere near her in fear of problems.
As you can tell I could go on and on about Molee and how proud I am of her and again I can't thank you enough.  Molee and I look forward to warmer weather and coming to classes again.  The cold weather is hard on me with my heart but warmer days are near.
Please feel free to share this with others. Molee and I will see you March 20th weather permitting.
Fred & Molee
The Curvey's