Well Brett I'm finally able to see well enough to thank you, Dave, Kate and everyone else for the fantastic job you have done, and continue to do with Mollee our 1 year old pittbull. When we adopted Mollee, in March of 2009, she was a full of energy with little if any manners. In just 12 days you were able to make her a new dog. A little lady well mannered, still full of energy, but now controlled. It was amazing how she has developed not only on leash but off leash as well.

Through people like you, Dave, Kate and everyone else at K-9 Training the public will learn that all Pittbulls are not the monster they are claimed to be and can be a loving pet with the right training and family. With your on going help Mollee is not only becoming a great pet but a dependable service dog and companion for me as well. Having post polio syndrome, and falling often, you have taught Mollee how to brace herself and assist me in getting up after falls, without relying on others and having to lay there waiting for someone to find me. Now that my eyesight is causing additional problems I feel I need to rely on Mollee even more.

We recently spent several days in Gettysburg and Mollee was with us always. She was great performing well with my electric scooter and behaving while walking among all the people and distractions. Mollee still needs some help with birds, squirrels and some dogs but over all she is great. People all love her.

Marylou, Mollee and I can't express the gratitude we have for the help you have given us. Your training process has, and continues to, help us become a true pack leader with not only Mollee but our other 3 dogs as well. We would highly recommend your program to anyone that owns a dog. We have had dogs all our lives but, only through your training have learned the true connection needed for a complete pack.

Thank you and keep up the great job!

Fred, Marylouise, Pepper and MOLLEE Curvey.