12 years ago my husband and I got our first dog, a Border Collie! We took "Duncan" to puppy school. We were yelled at, our dog was yelled at...we survived, but we were intimidated. Then we found Dave at Consummate K-9!
Dave liked our dog and Dave liked us. He taught us What to do with our training and How to do it. Best of all we were taught WHY. Dave did it with us: Obedience 1 & 2 and Canine Good Citizen.
Over the years we came back for "tune-ups"; Duncan remembered, we forgot ;-) Brett, Kate and Vanessa had joined the team and knew what to do. Now we have Border Collie #2. Fawksie is 9mos old, she is smart, and we are back.
We have full confidence that everyone at Consummate K-9 will give their best and we recommend Consummate K-9 to all our friends with dogs. Thanks Guys!
Doug and Zanna Robertson

Hi Dave,
Jan here.
Please tell me that this is going to get easier!
We really covered a lot on Tuesday, and the Teacher gave us a lot of homework. You make it seem so easy. I admit I am getting a bit frustrated. The sit, stay, down and even come are sort of coming along but Maggie is still challenging me Bigtime. Somtimes it even seems worse. Is this normal?

However, to see how the Expert is with her, is certainly motivating to me in that I know that she does at least have it in her to do it right and it is not hopeless. You really are amazing to watch.
Our lesson proved to me that it is I, not Magnolia that caused these problems and I now know that I have the responsibility to work hard to make it better.
I truly hope that she (we) are ready to face the two classmates you have lined up for us next week - I don’t want to let you guys down.

Until then ...

Enjoy the snow!
Jan Marie

American Society of Industrial Security

Dave Balmat and Brett Easterday of Blue Mountain Search and Rescue and Consummate K-9 Training spoke at a meeting of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Society of Industrial Security. They discussed sentry dogs, including the training involved, the owner’s commitment, and what the dogs can do, including pinpointing a certain person and reading human body language. Their dog (Lucas, one of Dave's personal dog's and a Kanto son, certified at 11 months of age as an area search dog through www.nasar.org) demonstrated some of his skills. The chapter made a $100 donation to Blue Mountain Search and Rescue. Shown here, from left, are Easterday, Balmat, and Les Weinman, chapter treasurer.

Well Brett I'm finally able to see well enough to thank you, Dave, Kate and everyone else for the fantastic job you have done, and continue to do with Mollee our 1 year old pittbull. When we adopted Mollee, in March of 2009, she was a full of energy with little if any manners. In just 12 days you were able to make her a new dog. A little lady well mannered, still full of energy, but now controlled. It was amazing how she has developed not only on leash but off leash as well.

Through people like you, Dave, Kate and everyone else at K-9 Training the public will learn that all Pittbulls are not the monster they are claimed to be and can be a loving pet with the right training and family. With your on going help Mollee is not only becoming a great pet but a dependable service dog and companion for me as well. Having post polio syndrome, and falling often, you have taught Mollee how to brace herself and assist me in getting up after falls, without relying on others and having to lay there waiting for someone to find me. Now that my eyesight is causing additional problems I feel I need to rely on Mollee even more.

We recently spent several days in Gettysburg and Mollee was with us always. She was great performing well with my electric scooter and behaving while walking among all the people and distractions. Mollee still needs some help with birds, squirrels and some dogs but over all she is great. People all love her.

Marylou, Mollee and I can't express the gratitude we have for the help you have given us. Your training process has, and continues to, help us become a true pack leader with not only Mollee but our other 3 dogs as well. We would highly recommend your program to anyone that owns a dog. We have had dogs all our lives but, only through your training have learned the true connection needed for a complete pack.

Thank you and keep up the great job!

Fred, Marylouise, Pepper and MOLLEE Curvey. 

Hi my name is Mary Beth. My husband Bruce and I one day decided that our 4 year old Border Collie needed a play mate. We went shopping for a puppy. We looked many places with no luck until one day we stopped by a place and they had puppies that were ½ beagle and ½ blue tick hound. Oh he was so cute. Little did we know the evil that lurked within. Ha! We brought him home and named him Bochepus, Bo for short. Our terror began. He was referred to as the "bad" dog by our relatives and my daughter was to the point of not knowing when to visit. Bo would jump and jump and jump. And of course he did not listen to a thing he was told. We had more holes in our backyard than a golf course. Of course we knew puppies have accidents in the house but not that many. We were getting so frustrated we had hoped we had done the right thing my bringing Bo home. Don't get me wrong we loved him so much, but we were wearing thin. That's when were given a card for Brett Easterday. We started our 8 week program with an evaluation session with Brett. He told us by the end of our journey that Bo would be a different dog. I honestly didn't believe him. The second session Bo was already doing things that I never thought he could do. Oh by the way I learned something about myself, he was feeding off of my emotions too. Wait a minute, I was learning too. Ha! By the 3rd session Brett introduced us to the group and Bo was not happy. He growled at the other dogs. We were then introduced to 2 other wonderful teachers, Kate and Vanessa. I have been to training for dogs before but I never looked forward to the classes like I did these. Every class was different, fun and easy to learn. If I had a question I asked. If Bo didn't get or should I say if I didn't get they helped right away. By session 8 Bo was the dog who couldn't wait to play at play time. He is not the dog I started out with thanks to Brett, Kate and Vanessa. I would recommend this program to anyone. Thank you so much Brett you are the pack leader.
Thank you Bruce and Mary Beth Heckert 

Hey Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the breed!

Although your pups were all gone by the time we made a final decision about adding a Malinois to our family, you taught me something I have passed on to anyone looking to purchase a puppy or even adopting one.

You were so right about "a dog"! You really do need to do research, meet others who already own the same breed...find a good trainer... plan... plan... plan, talk to people get all the information you can before making the decision of a lifetime commitment to a puppy! NEVER buy from a pet store... and that a breeder should ALWAYS ask what you are looking for - and be able to pick a pup or two from his/her litter that would best suit your needs... TEMPERAMENT is VERY important.... I never knew any of these things before meeting you and Brett.. hence owning Blacki! My kids listened and took everything you said to heart about the breed, because of that - they too have an amazing and respectful relationship with our dog

I was SO impressed with Lucy! When we came to look at her pups, she welcomed my kids in your yard with HER pups... played and enjoyed their company. I was very disappointed when I did get back in touch with you about purchasing a pup to hear they were already spoken for.

After hearing the bad news from you... I set out to purchase a pup... I met with several owners and their dogs/pups. Most were nothing but a joke, I felt so bad for the pups.... it was very hard to walk away from those cute little faces, but I kept in mind everything you stressed about purchasing and owning a Malinois.

I sought out a man in Louisville, KY.. he was amazing!! He completely understood how scared I was.. he walked me through everything. Needless to say, We have a Mailinois... I now know why Brett laughed a my little hot dogs! AMAZING!! That's all I can say... Sandee is the best thing we have even done... We had here flown in when she was about 12 weeks old, she is now almost a year old, I listened to EVERYTHING you and Brett both told me.... Train, train... train.. time, time & more time! I have the most amazing dog in the world... she will do anything I ask her to do for a pat on the head. I never knew the bond one could with a dog, my Sandee is truly my best friend!!!

I just wanted to say thank you sharing your knowledge and the breed with me, without you we would never have found Sandee, she really is an amazing addition to our family!

I've attached a picture we had taken of her (24 weeks old)..... she's a little on the bigger side now, she's 55 lbs, her father is huge... he's 78 lbs. Again, she is amazing.. the kids have joined the 4-H dog club with her, she is the star of the club and amazes everyone every month with her talents. She will be competing in her first agility trial in the fall... of course in the Jr's division, I think my son is going to follow in your foot steps. He has an incredible love for dogs since talking and listening to you. Jake and Sandee have a bond that I have never seen with a dog / child expect for in the movies.

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Don, Racheal, Elisabeth and Jakob! 

This is the information for the vet that I was speaking of. They are so impressed with Bo's behavior, that they can not wait to recommend your training to all of their clients.

Thank you for everything that you and your staff have helped myself and Bo achieve. It was/is the best investment that I ever made. I was so lost the first day I showed up for the consultation. Esp with another dog trainer telling me he was a lost cause and should be put down. I am very thankful that I flipped through the phone book first and found you,

Thank You!
Jennifer L Mowery 

I wanted to extend a special note of thanks for all of the time you took with Murphy last Wednesday. Hopefully we will be able to work things out with your kind words regarding our "vicious" creature. I really enjoyed playing with your dogs and especially getting a little affection from Nick. You have always gone above and beyond to help rescues.
Thanks Again,

Hi Dave!
I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me and those two crazy siberian huskies. It looks like I'll be fostering Sasha starting this weekend if that is the choice her owner makes. I think a new environment will make her successful. She responded so well to you compared to Jessica that I'm convinced she is a product of her environment. I think I can help her and I won't hesitate to visit you for guidance if she needs it. Smokey, well it breaks my heart but he has been re-posted and will be an only dog. He is just so bonded to be with other dogs and looks to them for guidance. When we walk he is always wanting to walk right with them. If I go a different way he stops and looks for them the whole time. I have to pull him to finish the walk. But, he'll adjust to being an only dog if they spend time with him and play with him. Anyway, thanks again for your time and I apologize if we made you late for your search and rescue at Blue Mountain. I do really appreciate your help and knowledge.
Susan Smith 

Dear Dave and family, Kanto and Rosebud,
Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to our street fair and provide us with some valuable facts on dog training. Alot of people stopped by to tell us how much they enjoyed your presentation.

I have enclosed several newspaper articles about our event which included your name. I thought you would like to have them.

We will display your brochures at all of our events throughout the year to help promote your business.

We hope we will see you again at next year's street fair in June. It was a wonderful demonstration. We greatly appreciate your helping us for our event.
Sue Laughlin, Bob Benson, and all the volunteers and animals from the
Northampton Borough Animal Shelter

Hi Dave - We couldn't be happier with the training we received with you. I doubt Schultz would have ever gotten off leash if not for you. It’s great to take him hiking or just playing in the backyard with the family. We know his hunting instincts are dominant. Yet with the training we received from you, Schultz is becoming a wonderful family dog. Even his house manners have improved. We have a friend who has a strong fear of dogs. She is able to pet and socialize with Schultz because we’ve been able to control his jumping. He never jumps on anyone. We don’t know where Schultz and our family would be without his training. I’m sure his life is more enjoyable because of it. We enjoy him to the max. We would also like to add that we found your facility clean and well kept. Your property is nicely situated on a wooded lot away from highway traffic. We were also impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of dogs. We have highly recommended you to several people.
Sandy, Bill Kris and Lora Derbyshire
Walnutport, PA 

Dear Dave - I have recommended you to several people who are and were having problems with their dogs. Mack is wonderful thanks to you and the training we both received has helped immensely. He now finally understands that he should not bolt away into the woods, disappearing for hours. I have also used your wonderful teaching methods on our other dog, Otis and he has learned to obey us better and to stay home. Mack, Otis, Bob and I thank you again and again. If it weren’t for you, I’m certain that all my chickens and ducks would be dead and the cats would have to live up in the trees!
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Beck
Tamaqua, PA 

Dear Mr. Balmat - Thank you so much for letting me do my apprenticeship with you. I’m also happy I was able to see a lot of other dogs, as it showed me a variety of the breeds you work with, and the things you train them. I liked the tracking and bitework best. It was exciting, and I’ve always been interested in having a dog that is more than just a well behaved family pet. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
Kempton, PA 

Hello Dave - I enjoyed the classes and feel it was very beneficial for the both of us. I feel I’ve become a more responsible pet owner and that I can better discipline Schultz and Schultz has become a responsible pet thanks to the training we received at your classes.
Truly responsible pet Schultz and owner Yvonne
Topton, PA 

Dear Dave, Schauntzie and I could never have done it without you. Thanks so very much for helping me have a really great and obedient dog. By the way, Schauntzie is not the only one who has learned things from you, Dave. You have taught me also. I’ve learned that consistency, firmness, and a loving pat on the head can turn the worst protester into a valuable, loving, trusting companion. Believe me that’s saying a lot for a dog I almost gave up on. Thanks again.
Linda DeLaurentis
Summit Hill, PA