If you need to leave your dog with us for a night or an extended stay, we offer boarding at the rate of $25.00 a night for present and past clients only. All of the dogs are exersized daily and personally cared for by us.  The dogs are housed inside our training facility in a secure crate when they are not outside under supervision.  If your dog is social with others, we will allow them to interact everyday with other dogs.  

We feed all dogs twice a day unless you state otherwise. We require you to bring your dogs food with you for his stay so that he/she won't have GI upsets.  Raw feeding is not a problem.

Dogs must be current on vaccinations and free of parasites.

*Your dog must be picked up by 11am or will incur an extra nights fee.



For more pictures and videos of dogs being boarded check out our facebook albums to see just how much fun your dog will have!