Dave with k9 Lucas indicating on the final victim at the Allentown gas explosion. Feb 2011

Dave with k9 Lucas indicating on the final victim at the Allentown gas explosion. Feb 2011

Dave has extensive experience in all fields of dog training. He has personally worked with and attended numerous seminars of some of the leading behaviorists and working dog trainers throughout the US and Europe. He is a registered professional trainer himself and has made the study of canine behavior a lifetime endeavor.

Dave has competed in Schutzhund, K-9 Pro Sports, National Association of Protection Dogs, as well as assited in French Ring Trials and Police K-9 Certifications. He has also successfully trained Therapy Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Agility Dogs, Utility Dogs, Air Scenting, Human Remains Detection, Explosives Detection, Tracking and Trailing dogs, as well as his latest interest in training animals for Hollywood films.  Dave also prides himself in using his experience to train service assistance dogs from selection to finished working companion.  He finds this work most rewarding to help those with disabilities improve the quality of their life. Consummate K-9 is also licensed by the ATF and cleared through the Department of Justice for the training of explosive detection dogs.

Dave continues to assist in the training and maintenance of Police K-9s. He was the founder and K-9 Training Director for Blue Mountain Search and Rescue from 2002 untill 2010. As of 2013 his personal dog Lucas has been retired as a Certified Area Search Dog and Human Remains Detection Dog (deceased 2015).

One of Dave’s personal dogs, Kanto which he acquired in 1993 at 7 weeks of age, went on to win 1st place in the Personal Protection Division at K-9 International’s World Championship Trial in El Paso Texas in 1998, with the decoy help of Doug Wendling of Progressive K-9 Academy. Kanto had also participated in numerous grade school presentations focusing on the responsibilities of dog ownership as well as work in low profile K-9 security Task Forces and only seen when needed.

Dave has performed temperament evaluations on hundreds of dogs at local shelters and humane societies through out the area, as well as trained thousands of owners and dogs in the Tri- State area during his career. He has written several articles related to dog training and behavior as well as presented countless demonstrations and seminars on Canine behavior, aggression, and training, to Veterinary Clinics, Pet Groomers, Schools, the American Society of Industrial Security, Dog Wardens and attorneys for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement as well as assisted Pennsylvania State Troopers and local Police departments with the use of his dogs. He has been recognized as an expert witness testifying in aggressive dog cases and many current successful dog trainers got their start apprenticing with Dave.


Dave and Lisa honing M.P.'s protection skills. Just for fun folks!

Dave and Lisa honing M.P.'s protection skills. Just for fun folks!


Lisa and Lucinda

Lisa Russell has always had a love for all animals and a strong desire to understand their behavior. At the age of 9 she started riding and training horses and by 16 she was competing in eventing and show jumping with a Thoroughbred and former racehorse, named Midnight Suite. During that time she became confident in handling and understanding large animals, their behavior and highlighted her natural ability to work with animals.
Immediately after graduating High School she took on a job at the Harrisburg SPCA where she's been from 2008 to 2011 as a full time employee. Her responsibilities included but were not limited to the daily care and maintenance of animals at a kennel that often holds 150 or more dogs.
She not only worked as part of the kennel staff and with the medical department but was also part of the behavior team. Lisa assisted in creating “The Shelter Animal Behavior Guide” used by staff and volunteers to better understand canine and feline behavior. This helped others to recognize serious and or dangerous canine behavior and body language and how to best deal with and handle such animals safely.
She was also instrumental in following through and implementing “The Quiet Kennel Program”. This program is designed for long term residents and highly stressed new arrivals. The program in essence gives these animals structure, discipline, affection, as well as kennel enrichment to improve their quality of life.
Over a 3 year period before her employment Lisa has evaluated, rehabilitated, trained, and assisted in the proper placement of hundreds of dogs. She came to Consummate K-9 in October 2010 and excellerated through Consummate K-9 Training's Professional Trainers Course bringing with her a natural understanding of canine behavior, reading dogs, and communicating with people. With the additional skills and her knowledge she possessed Lisa was asked to join the Consummate K-9 Training staff upon her graduation as a Registered Professional Trainer.

Lisa has accepted the position of Canine Behaviorist & Trainer at the Caldwell County, Texas facility.

Since coming to Texas, Lisa has been an animal trainer for HBO's series, The Leftovers.  Lisa has trained many dogs for service work, detection, and high level obedience. Lisa's newest endeavor is training a shed or antler detection dog.  Lisa's favorite thing to do for the public is finding a dog for their household and lifestyle.  At times as a hobby, meaning no funds are coming her way, she will pull a great dog out of a local shelter and train it fully.  The dog generally stays with her for about 6 mo. until she feels the dog is trained up and ready, when it is ready she will give it away to a wonderful family. What a great way to give back to the community!