Our two week inboard program starts with a thorough evaluation of your dog and consultation of what your expectations and needs are.  Upon enrollment, your dog will stay at our facility for approxamitely 14 days.  We will work on eliminating problem behaviors and put a solid obedience foundation into your dog. We emphasize acheiving an off leash recall and a down at distance under heavy distraction as well as walking nicely on a loose leash, and all the basic commands.  When you return for your dog we will show you our techniques and your dog demonstrating his new skills. We will provide you with a private lesson at that time to make sure you have the skills to further and maintain your dogs performance level. Our in-board program includes unlimited advanced follow up sessions, and the initial evaluation/consultation.  

Inboard Program fee starts at $1,200.00  Prices vary due to dog's temperament, serious aggression, or major problem behaviors. 

Evaluation/Consultation fee - $55.00  (This fee is applied to inboard program fee)