Hi Dave,
Jan here.
Please tell me that this is going to get easier!
We really covered a lot on Tuesday, and the Teacher gave us a lot of homework. You make it seem so easy. I admit I am getting a bit frustrated. The sit, stay, down and even come are sort of coming along but Maggie is still challenging me Bigtime. Somtimes it even seems worse. Is this normal?

However, to see how the Expert is with her, is certainly motivating to me in that I know that she does at least have it in her to do it right and it is not hopeless. You really are amazing to watch.
Our lesson proved to me that it is I, not Magnolia that caused these problems and I now know that I have the responsibility to work hard to make it better.
I truly hope that she (we) are ready to face the two classmates you have lined up for us next week - I don’t want to let you guys down.

Until then ...

Enjoy the snow!
Jan Marie´╗┐