Jeffrey Sutton and Athena

February 14, 2011

In 2010 I began the search for a K-9 that would be able to be utilized as a multi-use K-9. K-9 Athena was introduced to me at a mere age of one. Dave told me he had begun her training when she was only weeks old and she was a well disciplined, well mannered dog. I never heard of a Belgium Malinois and when I first saw Athena I was very impressed. Dave from Consummate K-9 brought her out from the kennel area and she just followed him like a well trained K-9 should. Dave, with his soft controlling voice gave Athena numerous commands to which she followed to the exact expected response. 

Dave Balmat, Owner of Consummate K-9, took plenty of time in introducing Athena to me and having her get used to me before I was allowed to take her home. Prior to leaving Consummate K-9 the first time Dave walked me through many of the commands he taught Athena and worked with me on how to handle her. This was before any purchase took place and was just out of the kindness of Dave and his desire to make sure the handler and K-9 fit each other. Dave really takes personal pride in making sure his Belguim Malinois are well mannered and will be treated correctly. 

When I took Athena home she acted no different than when she was with Dave. She followed all commands and responded well with me in control. Athena began a vigorous training schedule for narcotics detection. She just gets so excited every time you ask her if she wants to work and she never gives up. I feel this attitude is because Consummate K-9 owner, Dave Balmat takes so much pride in his dogs and starts working with them within weeks of birth.  

Athena was introduced to human tracking at only 7 weeks old and even though she is not used in Law Enforcement anymore she still loves to track and we continue a strong work ethic on tracking training. She will be used for volunteer work where ever she is needed and Dave continues his dedication to training and excellence in working with us to achieve this goal.

Dave Balmat and Consummate K-9 are a true asset to the K-9 community and his ability to handle and raise Belguim Malinois is far ahead of many other trainers and breeders.  The staff and others at Consummate K-9 are always willing to help and always place to needs of the clients as a first priority.  

Jeffrey R. Sutton
Catawissa, PA 17820