Raising a puppy Re: Why use a crate?

 To Avoid Behavior & Housebreaking Problems

A dog crate, correct ly used, will have many advantages for you and your dog.  Your dogwill learn to 5 weeks Oldenjoy the privacy and security of his crate.  He will become confident being left alone. A crate is paramount to avoiding separation anxiety.  A crate will help keep your dog from developing bad habits.  A crate will keep your house and for the most part your shoes from being destroyed.  A crate will keep you from punishing your dog for destroying your house when you can’t watch him.  A crate is an invaluable tool for housebreaking. These are just a few of the benefits of raising a dog using a crate.

If you allow your pup to sleep in bed with you because it is easier, we guarantee you are off to a terrible start. You will most likely have serious issues to try to straighten out as the dog matures. To name a few problems you may see is over bonding, possessiveness, insecurity issues, separation anxiety, aggression, and housebreaking problems.

Dogs are naturally instinctive den animals.  In the wild, dogs and wolves sleep, give birth and raise puppies in dens.  Crate training your puppy is akin to your dog living in a den and it successfully taps into your dog’s natural instincts.   

A young puppy should have no problem accepting his crate.  He might complain by barking and crying 9 Weeks oldfor the first few nights, but will get over it quickly if you deal with it properly. The pup has just left his pack and will need your guidance and leadership now. Put the crate by your bed at first. If you have a young pup it will most likely have to eliminate in the middle of the night. Whining and circling is the sign. Time to get up and get out. A young puppy will not want to eliminate in his den. It is your job to get him out often until he/she has some bladder and bowel control.   

If your pup learns that every time it starts barking and crying and you let it out you will have problems that become quite annoying. The exception is out for elimination.

A puppy should not be left in the crate all day.  They can’t hold it that long.  They need to go out after eating, playing or napping. The puppy should be crated any time you cannot watch him 100% of the time.  It seems when you take your eye off him for one minute is when he eliminates in the house, or begins destroying your cell phone, television remote, molding, carpet, pillows, down comforters, electrical cords, and the list goes on.

A crate does not have to be used for the life of the dog but we highly recommend starting off using one with any new dog and especially for new puppy’s coming into your home. As your dog starts to mature and begins to show responsibility and is reliably house broken you can give more freedom as you see fit. The crate is a great tool for your training arsenal.  Use it but don’t abuse it.