Raising a puppy Re: Why use a crate?

To Avoid Behavior & Housebreaking Problems

      A dog crate, correctly used, will have many advantages for you and your dog.  Your dog will learn to 5 weeks Oldenjoy the privacy and security of his crate.  He will become confident being left alone. A crate is paramount to avoiding separation anxiety.  A crate will help keep your dog from developing bad habits.  A crate will keep your house and for the most part your shoes from being destroyed.  A crate will keep you from punishing your dog for destroying your house when you can’t watch him.  A crate is an invaluable tool for housebreaking. These are just a few of the benefits of raising a dog using a crate.

If you allow your pup to sleep in bed with you because it is easier we guarantee you are off to a terrible start, and will most likely have serious issues to try to straighten out as the dog matures. To name a few of problems you may see is over bonding, possessiveness, insecurity issues, separation anxiety, aggression, and housebreaking problems.