Hey Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the breed!

Although your pups were all gone by the time we made a final decision about adding a Malinois to our family, you taught me something I have passed on to anyone looking to purchase a puppy or even adopting one.

You were so right about "a dog"! You really do need to do research, meet others who already own the same breed...find a good trainer... plan... plan... plan, talk to people get all the information you can before making the decision of a lifetime commitment to a puppy! NEVER buy from a pet store... and that a breeder should ALWAYS ask what you are looking for - and be able to pick a pup or two from his/her litter that would best suit your needs... TEMPERAMENT is VERY important.... I never knew any of these things before meeting you and Brett.. hence owning Blacki! My kids listened and took everything you said to heart about the breed, because of that - they too have an amazing and respectful relationship with our dog

I was SO impressed with Lucy! When we came to look at her pups, she welcomed my kids in your yard with HER pups... played and enjoyed their company. I was very disappointed when I did get back in touch with you about purchasing a pup to hear they were already spoken for.

After hearing the bad news from you... I set out to purchase a pup... I met with several owners and their dogs/pups. Most were nothing but a joke, I felt so bad for the pups.... it was very hard to walk away from those cute little faces, but I kept in mind everything you stressed about purchasing and owning a Malinois.

I sought out a man in Louisville, KY.. he was amazing!! He completely understood how scared I was.. he walked me through everything. Needless to say, We have a Mailinois... I now know why Brett laughed a my little hot dogs! AMAZING!! That's all I can say... Sandee is the best thing we have even done... We had here flown in when she was about 12 weeks old, she is now almost a year old, I listened to EVERYTHING you and Brett both told me.... Train, train... train.. time, time & more time! I have the most amazing dog in the world... she will do anything I ask her to do for a pat on the head. I never knew the bond one could with a dog, my Sandee is truly my best friend!!!

I just wanted to say thank you sharing your knowledge and the breed with me, without you we would never have found Sandee, she really is an amazing addition to our family!

I've attached a picture we had taken of her (24 weeks old)..... she's a little on the bigger side now, she's 55 lbs, her father is huge... he's 78 lbs. Again, she is amazing.. the kids have joined the 4-H dog club with her, she is the star of the club and amazes everyone every month with her talents. She will be competing in her first agility trial in the fall... of course in the Jr's division, I think my son is going to follow in your foot steps. He has an incredible love for dogs since talking and listening to you. Jake and Sandee have a bond that I have never seen with a dog / child expect for in the movies.

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Don, Racheal, Elisabeth and Jakob!