Hi my name is Mary Beth. My husband Bruce and I one day decided that our 4 year old Border Collie needed a play mate. We went shopping for a puppy. We looked many places with no luck until one day we stopped by a place and they had puppies that were ½ beagle and ½ blue tick hound. Oh he was so cute. Little did we know the evil that lurked within. Ha! We brought him home and named him Bochepus, Bo for short. Our terror began. He was referred to as the "bad" dog by our relatives and my daughter was to the point of not knowing when to visit. Bo would jump and jump and jump. And of course he did not listen to a thing he was told. We had more holes in our backyard than a golf course. Of course we knew puppies have accidents in the house but not that many. We were getting so frustrated we had hoped we had done the right thing my bringing Bo home. Don't get me wrong we loved him so much, but we were wearing thin. That's when were given a card for Brett Easterday. We started our 8 week program with an evaluation session with Brett. He told us by the end of our journey that Bo would be a different dog. I honestly didn't believe him. The second session Bo was already doing things that I never thought he could do. Oh by the way I learned something about myself, he was feeding off of my emotions too. Wait a minute, I was learning too. Ha! By the 3rd session Brett introduced us to the group and Bo was not happy. He growled at the other dogs. We were then introduced to 2 other wonderful teachers, Kate and Vanessa. I have been to training for dogs before but I never looked forward to the classes like I did these. Every class was different, fun and easy to learn. If I had a question I asked. If Bo didn't get or should I say if I didn't get they helped right away. By session 8 Bo was the dog who couldn't wait to play at play time. He is not the dog I started out with thanks to Brett, Kate and Vanessa. I would recommend this program to anyone. Thank you so much Brett you are the pack leader.
Thank you Bruce and Mary Beth Heckert